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Ditching the workgroup setup

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  • Ditching the workgroup setup

    As I've mentioned, my company is currently set up in a workgroup. We do have an AS/400 server, but we just connect to it through telnet for 5250 emulations and some direct twinax connections. We also have a snap server. I just bought a Dell PowerEdge 2900, and I'm trying to figure out what my best option is regarding network topology. So, I have a few questions:

    1) If I set it up in a two NIC setup, as is recommended, would the computers logging into the sbs server still be able to "see" the AS/400 server and snap server since they are not going to authenticate with the SBS server or anything and at this time have a static ip address on the internal network for access? Also, will my AS/400 server have internet access in this setup since the sbs server would now control that?

    2) Can MACs work with sbs 2003? We have two MACs in the art department that need internet access and all that.

    3) Would I be better off using a one NIC setup instead of the internet hooking directly up to the sbs server?

    4) Would I lose any features/flexibility if I did go with a one NIC setup?

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    Re: Ditching the workgroup setup

    What do you mean they are not going to authenticate? If they are not going to be part of the domain, then don't bother setting up the SBS IMHO!
    Where are you going to place the AS/400? inside the LAN segment or between the SBS and the router? Can the AS/400 use SBS as it's proxy server?

    MACs (especially OS X) can connect to SBS quite readily (just don't name your internal network ".local") though some of the features are less spectacular on a mac. Look for a book called SBS Unleashed by Eric O. Neale who has a whole chapter dedicated to macs in his book. He also has a blog on for example
    One NIC instead of two loses you the extra protection and control afforded and in the premium version renders ISA2004 virtually useless

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