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  • installation

    I'm currently reinstalling sbs 2003 r2 on a dell power edge 2900 machine. I created just the c drive(20 gigs) and I'm going to install everything on there. After this, I plan on creating two more partitions. One for swap, and one for data. Is it possible to move stuff over to the data partition after the installation such as user data, etc? Is there anything that I won't be able to move? Would it have been easier to just create all the partitions before I did this and put everything where it belongs during installation? The only reason I'm doing it this way is because I'm new to this and I'm not actually sure where everything should be going.

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    Re: installation

    See other threads in this forum on partitions and sizes.
    You run the SBS setup on the first disk - which really just sets up Windows 2003 Server - no domain. When it reboots, take out the CD and then set up your partitions. You should then have a "Continue Setup" icon on your desktop which leads you through the rest of the setup. Early on you can choose where to place all items.
    I suggest that all DATA is moved off the System partition, as far as possible.

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      Re: installation

      As per the other thread you have opened i would setup the server in the following manner.

      c: 20GB OS and Apps only
      d: Whatever size, Data store
      e: Whatever size, Exchange Information Store
      f: Whatever size, Exchange Log Files