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I cant find IMF in SBS2003

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  • I cant find IMF in SBS2003

    Hello all

    The server runs Win SBS 2003 SP1 - and from what I can see on MS site - thats the latest SP available for SBS 2003.

    However I cannot find IMF to stop SPAM in the OS. Looking at what Daniel says on the subject - he implies we need SP2 for Exchange Server

    My question is - will it be ok to put Exchaneg Server SP2 onto the SBS ? Because I thought I had to get a complete SBS SPack?

    This is a live server so I dont want to takle chances - I thought I should consult the experts.

    Any advice is appeciated.



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    Re: I cant find IMF in SBS2003

    You can install Exchange 2003 SP2 on to SBS quite happily.
    Some people prefer to wait for the SBS Service Pack bundles, but if you look at them, they are just the separate components with an extra SBS service pack at the end.

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      Re: I cant find IMF in SBS2003

      For the record:
      SP1 contains Exchange SP1 integrated
      SBS 2003 R2 contains Exchange SP2 integrated.

      However, you can happily skip Exchange SP1 in 2003 SP1 and install SP2 instead. Use your "favourite search engine" on how to install IMF and configure it. IIRC you need 3 registry tweaks to do. One allows the IS sizes to be enlarged, one says to what size and the third tells IMF to get automatic updates from Microsoft Update. It's all in a blog called "You got me at EHLO" and of couse on this Petri site.
      One Warning; if you ever installed the version 1.x of IMF, you have to uninstall it first before running Exchange SP2.

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