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SBS2003 and domain hosting

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  • SBS2003 and domain hosting

    Hi everyone,
    I have a small problem.
    I just set up a SBS2003. Exchange keeps everything, my domain is and this works fine.
    The problem is that from inside of the network I can't reach my website which is hosted by 3rd party ISP. Every time I try from a PC I get a standard PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED. If I try from the server directly I get a default website which sits on it.
    How to set up redirection so everyone on the network can see the website hosted outside ? I really have no idea where to start of.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: SBS2003 and domain hosting

    First of all that is why SBS recommended you to install your AD as mycompany.local (or mycompany.lan, as I use).
    Nevertheless, you can save the day by creating a record in DNS for www which points to the external IP of your web site.


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