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Permissions problems after Re-Install

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  • Permissions problems after Re-Install

    I have an HP server, with two disks in mirror (C) for the system and three disks in raid5 (D) for data.
    I have re installed SBS 2003 on thursday, and prior to this I have copied all drive D to a NAS device, just to be on the safe side.
    During the installation drive D wasn't harmed and all the data is there but...
    everything is "Read Only" for all users, exept for the Administrator. I can't make anyone write to the drive. Strange thing is that the effective permissions at the folder-level for each user are the right ones, i.e. "Full Control".
    I thought that maybe the users SID was the problem, but when I copied the folders to driv C on the server, everything worked just fine.
    any suggestions?

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    Re: Permissions problems after Re-Install

    Hi Ariel

    Try re-assigning your admin rights to the files. Right click the drive and or folders and select properties. Click the Security Tab, then click advanced at the bottom. On the new window, click Owner.

    Select your account, then check Replace Owner on Subcontainers and Objects and click ok.

    This should give you full permission and you can re-administer privelidges to whatever group you need. If not, then it will be an SID issue and you will need the old username and password to get the data, this can be done by exporting your old encryption key if its still available.
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      Re: Permissions problems after Re-Install

      I did that already, taking ownership with Administrator User, and it didnt help. As for the SID issue, as I wrote before, if I copy the folders to the C drive, I can modify the permissions, so I can't understand how is it a SID problem.