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Loss of Admin Access

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  • Loss of Admin Access

    I have had a interesting and frustrating problem surface with a SBS 2003 server. A few weeks ago we lost Admin Access to our server. The last thing we did was implement OWA Password changing. After that time we were unable to gain admin access. We were not even able to log in using DSRM. After exhausting every option I finally broke down and rebuilt the server OS.

    On the new Install I installed the OWA Password changing ability using these directions.

    Upon rebooting a few minutes later the same problem. Unable to log in in, Check your user name and password error. Even my backup Admin Account could not log in. Does anyone have any ideas on this. I would like to have users be able to change there password using OWA but not at the expense of loosing access to the server.

    Thanks in Advance...

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    Re: Loss of Admin Access

    Are you saying that when any user changes their password through OWA then you lose adminstrator login to SBS or are you saying that you lose administrator login when you try to change the administrator password through OWA.
    If the latter then I wouldn't consider using OWA as the mechanism to change the admin password. Much better to use RDP/RWW to Server. Server Management/Users/Administrator/Change Password on left menu.

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      Re: Loss of Admin Access

      Actually Just implementing the password changing seems to have looked all admins out of the server, locally and over the network. I didn't dare try to implement it a 3rd time. I guess I learned my lesson...