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  • Netscreen tunnels

    I am working on a proposal for a realestate company. They have one large office with 20 users, and two smaller offices with 10 or fewer users. Because they are real estate agents, they are in and out of the office all the time.

    I want to network the three locations with Netscreen 5GT appliances and a VPN tunnel. Remote users will also connect directly to the Small Business 2003 server (a PPTP endpoint) using PPTP so thay can collect their e-mail and browse their files. This means the Netscreens will have to pass PPTP VPN as well as have a IPsec tunnel from Netscreen to Netscreen.

    Can I use the 10-user model Netscreen in all cases? The Netscreen counts IP addresses, but I will not have 20 VPN tunnels created.

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