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When to restore Information Store

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  • When to restore Information Store


    I have noticed SBS Backup wizard backs up the Information Store and the mdbdata.

    In case of a problem i think the fastest way to restore is by using a full c drive including the mdbdata and the system state, is that correct?

    Also, when to restore the Information Store? Do you restore Information Store to restore single mail boxes only?

    In case of corruption of the mail database, following MS instructions you have to repair the database which takes a long time. Restoring the system state + mdbdata looks way faster and easier to me.

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    Re: When to restore Information Store

    Restore the IS only when all else fails IMO. Use mailbox retention and DumpsterAlwaysOn to recover "accidently" deleted items but take this into account when provisioning for the size of your IS store.

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