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Announcement: Vista on SBS

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  • Announcement: Vista on SBS

    If you are contemplating trying any Vista candidate on SBS, you should know that the /connectcomputer wizard is not ready for prime time yet.
    For the latest public info you should read and subscribe to Sean Daniel's blog starting with:

    Watch out for further announcements as Vista becomes generally available at the end of January - or just follow Sean's blog. is the current official public information on this topic.

    You now get the latest updates for this on MU (Microsodt Update) and WSUS
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    Re: Announcement: Vista on SBS

    The second link in the original post (above) contains all the info and links that and SBS 2003 SP2 administrator will require to use the "Connect Computer Wizard" with Vista clients.

    I had to set up a new SBS 2003 a short while back and it is astonishing that this information is not presented in the information package with the software install set. But I guess thats what the customer pays us for