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OWA publishing in ISA 2004 not working

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  • OWA publishing in ISA 2004 not working

    Hi All,

    I'm using ISA 2004 for OWA publishing only while the exchange is SBS 2003 R2. The front firewall which is connected to the internet is Checkpoint S-BOX and the ISA's external interface is connected to checkpoint's DMZ interface. The address of the ISA's external interface is while the checkpoints DMZ interface is Checkpoint is configured to do a static NAT from a public address to The second (internal) interface of the ISA is connected to the SBS server back-to-back with a cross cable and has an address of while the SBS has an address of

    I've created an OWA publishing rule that doesn't require certificates (port 80) just for testing, that points from the external network to the computer object. Also, i created an access rule that enables HTTP traffic from external network to the object.

    When I try to access OWA from outside the network I get an error of "The page cannot be found". The ISA logging shows me that the connection is NOT blocked and that it is allowed. In addition, one of the logs shows in the URL section. This means that the checkpoint actually forwards the packets to the ISA but the ISA for some strange reason doesn't route them to the SBS server.

    Some additional info:

    1. When trying to access OWA from the ISA machine - it works.

    2. The ISA can surf the internet.

    3. I went through all the possible guides out there and did all by the book.

    Clearly I'm missing out something.

    Please assist.
    Eli Leibzon

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    Re: OWA publishing in ISA 2004 not working

    Have you had a read of Daniel's excellent article?
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      Re: OWA publishing in ISA 2004 not working

      This article refers to ISA 2000. And as I wrote, I went through all possible guides.
      Eli Leibzon