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SMTP POP server in windows 2003

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  • SMTP POP server in windows 2003


    I have an ISA server configured in my network and I want only people that are browsing to work through it.
    I do not want POP and SMTP messages to go through the ISA server only http traffic.
    I read about a default SMTP/pop3 server with windows and want to configure like 60% of the users to go through this mail server and the other ones to be left alone because they are mobile users.
    Currently we have pop addresses and smtp addresses on the internet that are put on each users outlook settings.
    How do i create these settings on the pop server so that

    60% of the users will be able to use this server to pop and send mails.

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    Re: SMTP POP server in windows 2003

    The easiest way is to configure the user properties to support or not support POP3.
    There is also an option to setup authentication on the ISA server and create group
    Of allow POP3 etc. But the first method is the easiest way.
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    Yuval Sinay

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