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VPN Setup problem

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  • VPN Setup problem

    Hi All,

    I am having a problem with a VPN setup between Win2000 Server and WinXP.
    The connection is set up as a peer-to-peer connection. Win2000 Server is not
    acting as a VPN server.

    If I disable the IPSec policy on both machines, I can access
    shared files on one computer from the other computer. I can also
    ping either machine from the other one. When I reassign the
    policies, and restart the IPSec Service on the two machines, I
    am unable to access the shared files or ping either of the two

    The error I am receiving is Event 547 when I try to access the Win2000
    machine from the WinXP computer. The Oalkey log has a
    RPCerror -877854426.

    I have been trying to get this to work for over a week now. I have
    deleted and tried using several different approaches to resolve the
    issue, but each time I try a new method, I receive the same errors.

    Is there someone who would be willing to try to help me get this



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    Re: VPN Setup problem

    I Got It!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eight straight days of trying to figure this thing out and I
    finally got it!!!!

    Problem was with the Win 2000 machine. In the filter action for
    this policy, under the Security Methods, I selected
    Negotiate Security, and I then selected High (ESP), which
    resulted in the integrity algorithm using 3DES/MD5. The
    WinXP machine defaulted to 3DES/SHA1. I changed the
    Win 2000 machine to use 3DES/SHA1, waited 10 minutes,
    and the thing worked.

    Miracles happen.

    I don't know why, but I was under the impression that if the
    encryption algorithms were different, the IPSec driver would
    go through some routine to find some common ground between the
    two machines and use some common method that the two could
    agree on. I guess I was wrong.

    Also, I read that if you have a failure with an IPSec connection
    you should wait at least five minutes before attempting to
    try the connection again. Don't know if this is true, but I
    read it while trying to resolve this issue.




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      Re: VPN Setup problem

      I have to say it!!!

      Thanks for sharing that information Logger!!!

      It's hard to believe he found that!!!

      Thank You for sharing!!!
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        Re: VPN Setup problem

        Thanks Logger and congratulations on your persistence. Thanks also for post back and sharing your solution. I sure someone will benefit from that in the future. Again, well done!!
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          Re: VPN Setup problem

          Well done and thnx for posting back!!
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