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Rogue Systems on the Network

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  • rever75
    started a topic Rogue Systems on the Network

    Rogue Systems on the Network

    I work for a small corporation and I run security scans on our network on a daily basis. I also monitor our DNS and DHCP Servers to see who is grabbing IP's and registering in our DNS. I have a few computers that will pop up on the network from time to time. These system usually are from our vendors or clients the bring in there laptops and connect to our network. How can I stop them from Registering in our DNS? We us MS Server 2003 DNS AD Intergrated Zone. Also besides implementing a proxy server how can I get it so the do not get any network connection. (I pretty sure proxy server or ipsec Domain Isolation is the only answer). If we were to us use a proxy Server what are people recommendation. Again we are a small corporation of about 200 users.

  • netxt
    Re: Rogue Systems on the Network

    In order to prevent “intruders” to register in DNS configure your AD integrated zone to accept Secure updates only.;en-us;816592

    Regarding to isolation, I would recommend you IPSec. In this way not only Internet connection would be protected but internal servers would also not be accessible for clients that is not member of your domain and don’t have the proper IPSec pol. configured.
    Let us know if you need help in this direction.

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