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Windows Update Problems with XP Home

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  • Windows Update Problems with XP Home

    My neighbor has a Compaq Presario desktop, two years old. Windows XP Home and SP2 pre-installed. She started having problems with her updates and I just found out about it and looks like it's been a problem since Feb. 2005
    When she goes tot he update page she gets an error 0x80072F76 and it won’t bring up any updates. I went over and it gives you a list of things to check or change and I did them all and nothing worked. I found the Elder Geek site that had some things on it to try and did that.....still get the same message. So I left telling her that I would have to see what I could find.
    This morning she calls and says it's been updating and installing all night, I said great. She calls this afternoon and has discovered that it keeps trying to install the same updates over and over. So I went up there and checked her windows folder and sure enough those same updates are in there. And while I was online it started doing the same thing. I went to windows updates and get the same error message and it won't bring up what updates she needs. I set her Updater to notify her but not download, let her choose. Shut down and restarted. Went online and it started downloading updates. In frustration I turned her Updater off. That got it stopped and I told her I had to do some finding out as I had no idea what is going on.
    One thing I noticed, there were no updates between Feb 2004 and Jan 2006. She said it wasn't updating at all but some came were loaded in Jan. and early Feb. Then again last night after I worked on it. When she clicks on Windows updates she still gets that same 0x80072F76 error....but it was downloading updates till I turned it off. Hope someone knows a solution.

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    Re: Windows Update Problems with XP Home

    Have a read and follow the steps for the Microsoft solution.;en-us;836941

    If there are still problems,
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      Re: Windows Update Problems with XP Home

      From the link biggles77 gave to the MSoft site, it says this :

      "These errors indicate that the Windows Update client did not receive a response from the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web site."

      As her PC has not been patched for quite some time, is it possible her computer is virus infected ? I know, for instance, that there was an RPC security patch sometime back that even if you had a firewall & AV software you still became infected unless you was patched. Perhaps this might help ?

      Download stinger on your PC and put onto a floppy. (Some virus's stop you from visiting this web page)



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        Re: Windows Update Problems with XP Home

        Or why don't you download a tool called Autopatcher which will at least get the machine to last months level then update.

        Another thing is if her machine hasn't been patched then i would also assume that AV software has not been updated either so as was mentioned get a good AV scanner, i recommend AVG Free, a good software firewall, i recommend ZonAlarm again free, and some spyware removal tools, i recommend AdAware, Spybot and Spyware Blaster.

        Then you need to inform the user how to keep the PC clean from all the garbage floating around on the net.


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          Re: Windows Update Problems with XP Home

          Thanks biggles77, I had been to the MS site and did most of that but see one thing I missed, will check it out.
          Thanks Jason, I've dowloaded Stinger to my thumb drive and will take it up later and try it.
          Thanks wullieb1, She has AVG and it says she's up to date on her virus definitions and scans, uses MS (SP2) Firewall and I've checked the settings there and made sure the updater wasn't blocked. She has two of the other three and runs them every Saturday.
          I won't make it up there for a day or two but will let you know how it comes out.



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            Re: Windows Update Problems with XP Home

            You may also want to look at re-registering the dll files associated with windows update.

            Have a look here as it may help