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  • Java and Flash updates

    I see stories that the Java and Flash updates we are continually being asked to install, may include some sort of nasties, apart from installing various Toolbars or search home pages if we are not careful. I even see protection software offered to eliminate some such nasties.

    What is the truth? Perhaps we should stop installing all these updates if everything still seems to work ok and we can still use Youtube. I have already ceased to accept updates to a lot of Shareware rather than squint to see if they offering to include extras I never want.

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    Re: Java and Flash updates

    Install the Java, FlashPlayer and Shockwave updates from the Java and Adobe sites if you have disabled autoupdates. DO NOT stop updating these apps.

    Do not install the Ask Toolbar that Java likes to try and hit you with.

    Do not install the MacAfee (rubbish) that Adobe try to hit you with.

    Chrome and the Google Toolbar are optional IMO.
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