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Camera Recording System

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  • Camera Recording System

    Hello All,

    I have small business here and we have 6 Cameras currently setup monitoring(used to be 8 but 2 have broken). However, these cameras only send their video feed to the monitor, without any recording capabilities. The cameras use a BNC Connection to connect to our "Everplex 8 CQ" device. The Everplex device then plugs directly into a monitor. BNC on the everplex to a regular yellow video port. I am going to try to post pictures as well.

    I was wondering if i could simply hookup the EVERPLEX Device to an old computer and start recording these? or possibly have photos taken when motion is detected. I do have a 2 camera system setup with iCamSource software for my home, and it takes pictures and alerts via an app on my phone when motion is detected.

    I was wondering what the best options for recording these cameras activity is.

    Any and all advice and opinions are welcome and appreciated!
    Thank you

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      Re: Camera Recording System

      Pages 4 & 5 of the Manual give an indication of what you need to do to get playback and VCRs can be picked up fairly cheap now. I would seriously suggest updating this, what appears to be an old system, for something a bit newer and more flexible.

      Alternatively you could get a video capture card for your "recording computer" and connect the A/V out of the CQ8 to the input on the capture card. I assume that would work as I have done that to convert video tapes to AVI (I think that was the format).
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