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  • Packet Capturing ..

    I am just a beginner for wireshark, testing a few things in a lab environment. So far I could use it for sniffing passwords like telnet, plain http authentication forms etc.

    I have a query. Let's say if I capture a complete transaction of an email, how can I reconstruct the complete email?

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    Re: Packet Capturing ..

    Doing a quick search with , I find that Wireshark has the capability to re-assemble an entire TCP conversation, and show you the ASCII or hex data in that conversation. Whether you can save all that and then open it in Outlook, for example, is not adressed.

    Suggest you start digging into what Wireshark can do, and have a play. As long as the email you're capturing is your own, there's no legal issues. But if you're sniffing other users' traffic, make certain of your legal footing before going any further. Your corporate HR should be aware of what's going on.
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