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  • Which antivirus boot disk

    Now sure this is completely the correct forum but didn't seem to fit anywhere else. Just wondered if anyone has any opinions on what antivirus checker boot disk is preferred?

    I have often used Comodo as a free antivirus solution and note that Comodo do a bootable virus checker. However so do Kaspersky who I seem to recall have a good reputation, also Avira do a boot disk as well.

    Obviously once up and running I will install and run the standard Spybot but need to get that far first.

    Any opinions on which is safest/most effective?


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    Re: Which antivirus boot disk

    I swear by Sophos SAV32CLI.

    It allows you to boot into safe mode then run the software from a CD.

    This alone though will never be the best option. I generally have AV (At the moment its Windows Defender that came with Windows , Spybot, Spyware Blaster and Malwarebytes. I also don't download and install crap applications on my main system, i'll use a sandboxed VM if i really have to.