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  • Cracking WEP Key

    If the SSID beacon broadcast is disabled on the access point, how can I capture the data from a particular access point?

    If the SSID beacon is disabled, I will not be able to see the available access points around me. In such a case how will my WLAN adapter can collect the data from the access point?

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    Re: Cracking WEP Key

    Even though the SSID is not being advertised tools like inSSIDer, NetStumbler, or Kismet will detect the AP. It may show up as "Unknown" but it will show the AP's mac address, encryption used, and channel it on. SSID cloaking isn't really a security mechanism at all. The best defense is to use a strong encryption algorithm and strong keys. Here is a link that explains how easy it is to find a hidden SSID.
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      Re: Cracking WEP Key

      I am just curious as to why you want to crack a WEP key. This was demonstarted by the FBI some years ago (maybe 6+) at a tech show that the WEP could be hacked in TWO, yes TWO minutes.

      If you are using this outdated protocol change to WPA or WPA2.

      If you are trying to hack someones site, it is illegal. Click image for larger version

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        Re: Cracking WEP Key

        Thank You.