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Connecting 2 switches to fortigate 60B

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  • Connecting 2 switches to fortigate 60B


    I would like to connect 2 switches to the Fortigate firewall 60B.
    I see there are several (6) internal RJ45 ports and now it is connected to only one port with one switch.

    I also see that the port is configured to use the following:
    Addressing mode - Manual

    What should I configure on the second RJ45 interface so it will work ?


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    Re: Connecting 2 switches to fortigate 60B

    Larger-scale FortiGate devices have multiple internal user ports to allow for multiple DHCP scopes, so you can have separate VLANs and therefore different routing policies based on operational need. The FortiGate is assumed to be the default gateway for the VLAN it's connected to, so any port used should have the address for that VLAN's default gateway. Multiple VLANs infers that you'll want routing policies to allow the VLANs to talk to each other, as well as use the Internet. In a nutshell, the FortiGate device works very much like a cross between a Cicso router and a software firewall, all rolled into one.

    As an extra bit of info, the FG install guide mentions that this device is intended for a small network, around 10 or less employees. For further info, you should read the factory documentation. The install guide can be found at:

    and the admin guide is at:

    If you're not sure about network issues like routing policies, VLANs and subnets, you should think about getting a consultant in to guide you.
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