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Mounting a secure network

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  • Mounting a secure network

    Hi everyone,

    I am not sure if the post belong here, so if not please send it to the correct place, thx

    I am going to mount a new network in the company. And want to be sure that:

    a) our network is safe for outsiders (blocking anything which need to be blocked)
    b) some people are able to surf the internet, and some also have outlook.
    c) creating some hot spots, when customers come they can use the internet, without entering in the network. Supplying a key which will de-activate itself after some time.

    Can anybody tell me if there are some docs available which might covers my doubts or even some great books to do all this.
    I have some experience in mounting home networks, but this is just different (50 users).

    Any help is welcome,