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SMTP Security Query

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  • SMTP Security Query

    Hi All,

    Want to understand SMTP security i.e. when we telnet to SMTP gateway on port 25 from internet we receive welcome message, after which if we will try to send email from command prompt.
    Will type HELO (domain name), after that in the "
    MAIL FROM" field if i type any outside email i.e [email protected] and in the "RCPT TO" field i will be forced to type [email protected] ( the idea is to avoid mail relay) i totally accept.
    My concern is related to "MAIL FROM" field because in this field i can use any email id not restricted only to domain, is this a security threat or is it normal ......................
    waiting for your reply......................


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    Re: SMTP Security Query

    It is normal.

    Your email system should be able to accept email from any organisation.


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      Re: SMTP Security Query

      thanks for your reply...