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regarding ISA 2006 Internal to External Route

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  • regarding ISA 2006 Internal to External Route

    Ok right now I have my ISA 2006 setup as a make shift proxy. Iím wanting to move it inline with my Pix, but want the Pix to see the original source address of the requests. Iíve added a new Rule under Network Rules to Route all Internal to External, but doesnít seem to be working because the Pix never sees the original source address. Is this a possible? or what do i have to do to get internal source?

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    Re: regarding ISA 2006 Internal to External Route

    I have a recollection with isa 2006 that you can tell it which IP address you wanted to see
    this was on publishing rules though, not sure if it'd be the same for what you're trying to do
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      Re: regarding ISA 2006 Internal to External Route

      Regarding to web (HTTP) traffic, I've noticed the same. The cause of this is that the Web Proxy filter kicks in due to HTTP inspection and due to of this the source IP will be changed to the ISA server. The resolution what I did was creating a custom HTTP protocol, using port 80 and without the Web Proxy filter.

      Secondly, as instead of using NAT you should change the relationship to route but this is what you already did I believe.
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