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Accessing user directory from another Windows

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  • Accessing user directory from another Windows

    A friend of mine's PC has pretty much been eaten alive by viruses.
    I've run a scan and deleted huge swathes of his harddisk and we want to simply move his documents to my PC while we format it rather than repair it.

    Problem is, I can't access his documents because they're in his folder in Documents and Settings and, although I have his login information available to me, I can't enter this information anywhere in order to access his files.

    I've tried booting into my Linux, but the best mounting I can get is through the terminal window, and moving his files around there and verifying them is (A) Going to be a pain in the backside (B) going to end up with me with a Linux partition full of his files and no way to get them back onto his NTFS drive.

    Can anyone help me to access his user files inside Documents and Settings?

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    Re: Accessing user directory from another Windows

    Please connect its hard disk to external case USB and then mount the hard disks to Windows XP machine. Take the ownership to the folders and then copy the file to the local PC hard disk.
    Tip: Scan for viruses first.


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