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  • Access Denied Accessing Shares

    I have a problem with a user account where when he tries to access a mapped drive he sees the standard “Access Denied” error with a red X.

    The user is on Win XP & the mapped drive points to a share on a Windows 2003 Server. The user has a list of drives mapped via a log on script which he can all access fine. The drive mapping causing the problem is:

    shared on 'sh-nas1' (S this maps to \\sh-nas1\shared

    If he tries to access a specific location in the “shared” folder by typing the UNC path this works fine

    As an example if he enters either of the following into Windows Explorer he is able to access them with no issues


    But if he tries to browse to “Folder1” he sees “Access Denied”

    I checked the permissions on the server on the “shared” folder and the share has the following permissions:

    Everyone Group – Full Access

    I then checked the Security on the folder and I have:

    Domain Administrators Group – Full Access
    CREATOR OWNER – Nothing ticked
    SYSTEM – Full Access
    Users Group – Read only access

    As a test I added the “Domain Administrators” group to his Active Directory account which should give him access to everything on the server, but he still sees the same error. I also added his AD account to the security on the shared folder & set it to allow full access but it still says “Access Denied”

    It looks like it’s a permissions issue but It can’t be as when I grant him express permissions to the share it still says “Access Denied”

    Does anyone have any suggestion about this before I pull all of my hair out, the user account is my Managing Director’s

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    Re: Access Denied Accessing Shares

    Have you checked effective permissions on both the parent and child folder for the particular account?

    As I read it, it is only the one user who has a problem -- everyone else is OK?
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      Re: Access Denied Accessing Shares

      Resolved - When I just re-checked the permissions for some reason they are now different from what they were.

      The user had a group on his AD account which is also on the "shared" folder which has a deny permission against it.

      Ive removed the ad group from the users account and he can now access the S: drive.

      Thanks for you help, this made me re-check everything.