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MS10-090(KB2416400) security patch installation

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  • MS10-090(KB2416400) security patch installation

    Today I installed the MS10-090(KB2416400) security patch on test PC's and rebooted. After that the PC is again downloading and installing the MS10-071((KB2360131) patch which was released in October.
    The new patch was supposed to replace the MS10-071 patch. Why is it reinstallaingt the MS10-071 patch?

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    Re: MS10-090(KB2416400) security patch installation

    Have you read the article which may answer your questions? There are a couple of tool on the page that may help with your problem.

    You really need to supply more info when you post a problem. We have no idea what your operating system is or which version of Internet Explorer you are using?
    Were there any errors listed in the Event Viewer?
    Have you tried using Automatic Updates instead of manual patching?
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