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    We run a small business with about 20 clients on a lan and wlan architecture. We dont have a centralized management. We have about 10 engineers who are connected to a VPN. They are using a remote application located on a University Server. Today, I received a phone call from their IT manager. ''We are blocking your IP adress beacause it seems that someone in your network is scanning us with a network tool.

    I am wondering if its necessarily one of the VPN client. I mean what are the odds that one of the clients who dont know the ip of the University, is infected and starts a network scan...

    I have recomended a full install on all the client of malewarebytes...

    I dont know what to do more...I have a rv042 router and a wpn4410 access point. What more can I do to determinate the origins of the attacks.


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    Re: Network Scanner

    Here a sample of the PIX errors.

    PIXAdmin:OUR.IP427 dst intranet:THEIR>IP/427 by access-group
    "intranet_acl_out" [0x674bb739, 0x0] Nov 19 15:37:23 fwsm %FWSM-4-106023:
    Deny udp src

    Does that mean that the program is using port 427 ??