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Java Mystery

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  • Java Mystery

    My always reliable Avast anti-virus warned me of Malware hidden among some Java files, so I allowed it to be deleted, and have now refused to allow another Java update request.

    What problems are likely to happen if I also remove ALL Java updates installed among Add and Remove Programs


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    Re: Java Mystery

    You could uninstall Java and all the update packets. Then install the most recent version to get a clean install. But beware, some lousily-coded Java applications insist you to run specific versions in order to work properly.

    Java updates do contain security patches, so disallowing updates increases your attack surface.



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      Re: Java Mystery

      Tricky one. I've never had a report from my AV (Sophos) of anything other than proc mods/reg changes from Java, which I would expect. Java is probably only second to Flash as the hackers favourite target so I'm usually inclined to keep it up to date.

      What I'd suggest is go to the Java website, download the latest installer with the updates slipstreamed and scan that before install just to be on the safe side. It may be that you have a fake update, as there have been several recently for Java and Adobe products that I've heard about.
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