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AVAST abd AVG takeover

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  • AVAST abd AVG takeover

    Months ago AVAST was supposed to have taken over AVG, but as a long term user of AVG I have heard nothing as to how they proposes to combine the two, and I will be expected to renew my AVG next December. Another problem is I changed from AVAST to AVG years ago because AVAST was so far as I know the only AV issuing silly heuristic warnings when running any of my programs created with

    Has anyone discovered what is happening? I am tempted not to risk AVAST again and use McAfee instead especially as unlike AVG the McAfee does not charge extra to also install it on more than one PC etc. Your comments on any of this would be very welcome.

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    I use Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7 that was vigorously defended against a Windows 10 enforced upgrade) and a paid copy of Malwarebytes. Not had an infection since I purchased the laptop in June 2011. MSE isn't the greatest but is isn't a memory hog, is free and seems to work. I occasionally use free online scanners to check that nothing nefarious has snuck past and settled in.
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