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  • Guest network.


    I am watching a video about NAP and it is suggested to put some computers in a guest network, so that these computers won't reach critical servers or other workstations.

    How could this be set up?. I read that I could do this with a DHCP server and a web proxy. Would these computer still have the same gateway, the same router, to get to the internet?. Would the dhcp server in this network give a different range of IPs ?.

    I guess this is the typical scenario where some laptops, ipads, and mobile phones come into your office (but these employees don't belong to your company) and you just want to provide internet for them?.

    Thanks in advance.
    Madrid (Spain).

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    Usually when I've set this up, it's a dedicated subnet sharing the same internet connection but firewalled from the main network. Some firewalls (E.g. Watchguard XTMs) have a built-in Guest wireless option which is great for people coming in for meetings etc.

    It can be done using NAP but it's much harder to setup than using a different edge device or something like that. So long as your edge firewall/router supports multiple subnets (and pretty much anything for corporate use will) then it's usually easier just to add another WAP on a segregated subnet.
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      Thanks a lot Cruachan! . That makes perfect sense to me.
      Madrid (Spain).