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Trojans and Nasties

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  • Trojans and Nasties

    Hello All

    Was wondering if anyone has managed to overcome this problem.

    We currently have around 400+ workstations and around 2000 users all using XP Pro, due to the software we offer on our network, we have to allow the users as Power User status. And as you can imagine this does cause me some hassle.

    We have Mcafee and Spybot running on all workstations, but still have the problem of machines being infested with Trojans/Adware and I am desperate for a solution!!!

    Our network uses Novell Border Manager for its proxy, this service is controlled by a seperate network team and we have no say or capacity to limit or filter on this service.

    Any advice or ideas are most welcome.

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    Re: Trojans and Nasties

    Hi mate,

    Sounds like you've got it bad where you are ;o)

    I would get rid of spybot and use MS AntiSpyWare, although it's still in beta it's a bloody good app.

    Do you know how the crapware is getting onto these machines, i.e. email, download or even from the users themselves via floppy or cd?

    If you have no authority over the border control you may want to think about a carefully worded memo/email to all users, stating that to download or run unknown software is against company policy etc, and is punishable by dismisal.

    Through experiance i've found machines will never infect themselves with even the basic of protection, so scaring the shit out of the users into thinking they'll get the boot for it usally does the trick ;o)

    Let me know how you get on