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Diff between profile and terminal profile

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  • Diff between profile and terminal profile

    Dear Friends,

    a. Could you please let me know the, Wht is the difference between Profile and Terminal profile? this tab's we will get user object's properties in Active Directory user and Computers???
    b. What is NIC teaming, how to configure them?
    c. What is the hardening, steps do the Hardware and software hardening to a Server??

    Please help me in getting these answers..

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    Re: Diff between profile and terminal profile

    A "profile" is used for a standard user account logging on to a computer or server locally. A TS Profile is used when the server logs on via terminal services, or remote desktop.

    nic teaming is the process of joining two or more network interfaces into a team. There are multiple variants of teams, and multiple ways to do it, depending on your hardware.

    Hardening is the process of making a server more secure both physically and logically. At it's base level it would include something as simple as a password strength policy. Hardening is wayy to big a topic to discuss based on the info you have given.

    hopefully I've given you a starting point, and You should be able to find plenty more information on all of these topics in any of the microsoft training manuals, or hundreds of online sources.....
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