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  • PC Security Malware

    Hi people

    I'm sure you all know which one I am referring to - it pops up with various security warnings about your PC being infected, whilst trying to mimic the Windows Security Centre look. It's called "Internet Security 2010" or something like that.

    A variant of it also prevents the use of any exe files which is a pain in the ass.

    Had quite a few infections of this recently on various customer sites and I am wondering how this is even installing itself on the PC's?

    All my clients run the same kind of setup - No admin rights for the user, only I know the domain admin password. McAfee Enterprise 8.7i AV with Anti-Spyware. On many of the infected PC's I can personally vouch for the user's integrity in terms of dodgy sites/emails.

    In one case today, it happens to be a client I share my office with. They have been on holiday the last 2 weeks, and I know 100% the PC hasnt been touched (it's been off). They arrive in today, boot up and it's all over the machine.

    Can anyone enlighten me, or indeed advise on any preventative measures?



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    Re: PC Security Malware

    malwarebytes antimalware normally gets rid of this.
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      Re: PC Security Malware

      Yep, and that is what I have been running.

      Still, not entirely sure how something like this is infecting PC's that normally have zero issues with other malware problems?


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        Re: PC Security Malware

        For anyone searching this thread:

        The last 2 infections of this I have dealt with have left infected user profile damaged - if you try to run any exe files Windows will prompt you with "Unable to Start a Program with .exe extension" with the standard windows dialog box asking you to choose a valid application.

        Note it affects not ALL exe files, the 2 I have encountered so far have been differenent. For example, regedit, office and cmd wouldnt fire on one but wordpad would.

        The fix to this is to log on as a different user and download the file at this link:

        You then have to log on as the affected user and right click - open. There is no confirmation that it has done its job, but it is instant, so easily checkable.

        What a pain in the ass!


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          Re: PC Security Malware

          the person in my organisation was sent a video link, ostensibly, by someone. when she clicked on that link, it snuck in through the background. I was, in honesty, quite impressed - because it looked completely innocuous and ok to do - It surprised me, and i even said "wow.. i would have done that"

          i think it was a facebook link maybe..
          however, i don't know how it happened when the computer has been off !
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            Re: PC Security Malware


            Well, if it's that good at sneaking through, I guess there is no easy way to prevent it.


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              Re: PC Security Malware

              You might try hitman pro although I'm not sure if it's still free.
              However isn't it faster to reinstall those machines
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