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IIS Issue with ISA 2004

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  • IIS Issue with ISA 2004

    Hi ,

    We are using Windows 2003 and now plan to install ISA 2004 in my network . I have tested this on a sample machine i am able to block some of the web sites but not able to run my local hosted site.

    The configuration is mentioned below.

    Local IP
    G.W Blank

    Internet :

    GW :

    DNS :

    We are running internet in client machine as NAT implemented on windows 2003.

    Now i want to run a local website on my server's local IP ( ) so how can i configure it.

    Which one is helpful for this ..need to run ISA 2004 in Web proxy mode , NAT or Install firewall Client in systems.

    Also is it really required to publish a web server as i am not running any live web site on this server. Is it possible to allow it by making a seprate detination set.

    Please help ...


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    Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

    Is this SBS 2003 or vanilla Server 2003? If it is vanilla server then you need to move to another forum. If it is SBS 2003, then you need to UTFW - run the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard.

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      Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

      I can immediately see that your NIC configuration is incorrect, you should not have DNS servers configured on the external adapter and the internal adapter should only use internal DNS servers. If you need an external DNS server then configure your internal servers with forwarders.

      I'm not going to address any of the other points until you clarify Teiger's questions, as making changes without using wizards in SBS will cause issues. However if this is a standalone ISA server and not SBS then you should not be running websites on it - ISA Servers should be ISA Servers and nothing else.
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        Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

        Hi ,

        Thanks to both you for guiding me . We are running vanilla Windows 2003 with IIS running on it . Now we have installed ISA 2004 Server sepratly and want to run my existing intranut site on it.

        Our live web site is already running on some differant network , hosted at somewhere else at some data center.We are running Intranut site for local office use.

        Now the picture in my network infrastructure is like .

        Internet Traffic --> Router
        ( ISP Connection) Ext IP : 12x.x.x.x( Live IP)With DNS
        Internal IP :

        Local Server ( Windows Server 2003 + ISA 2004 + IIS )
        2 Lan Card :

        Internal (
        Gw: Blank
        DNS : pointing to local DNS )

        External ( Connected to Router Via Switch )


        GW : ( Router's Internal IP )

        DNS : ( Router's Internal IP )
        202.x.x.x ( ISP's DNS Server IP)

        So what are the changes do i need to make . Also i refer this links will this be the help ful for my problem .

        Please Suggest me steps.

        Thanks ,


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          Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

          Since this is not an SBS issue, thread moved to General Security Forum for a better response.
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            Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

            I still wouldn't recommend this setup, as I said ISA Servers (SBS 2003 Premium excepted) should not run anything other than ISA Server. Please also refer to this excellent guide on how to correctly configure your NICs for ISA Server.

            You shouldn't need to configure Web Publishing for an Intranet site, just create an access rule that allows Internal Clients access to LocalHost on the port that the website is running.
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              Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

              Hi ,

              Thanks for your kind support. Also can you please suggest me the steps to create a rule for this intranut site is working on port 80 of ISA server's name or ip ( )

              Please guide me ...



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                Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

                Hi ,

                Are the steps seems to be differant for publishing a web site and publishing a local IIS Website ( intranut site ) on local IP of server.

                Please guide me the steps...



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                  Re: IIS Issue with ISA 2004

                  just create an access rule which allowes internal to localhost access. However I really do not recommend this setup.
                  Are you also using the auto-discovery option within ISA?
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