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  • AV/Malware Solutions

    Hey everyone,

    We have had a large influx of virus and malware issues with our clients as of late and I am starting to think that we need a better solution for our clients. We currently use Symantec Antivirus Corporate which seems to be pretty ineffective at catching viruses and malware. My question is, what is your choice for protection for business grade virus and malware protection solution?


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    Re: AV/Malware Solutions

    Do these clients have admin access? If the user has admin access and they open the virus file in the right way, it could disable the AV solution.
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      Re: AV/Malware Solutions

      Try and stop them getting into your netwrk so invest in some perimeter measures to comabt the downloading of viruses and the influx of spam that invariably users get.

      In our org we have the following

      SonicWall 4060 Firewall with AV turned on.
      Barracuda Spam Filter
      MailMarshal SMTP

      Once the threat from outside is taken care of you really need to start looking at locking down machines so that users cannot use floppies, CD's, USB keys etc to open files and install viruses.


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        Re: AV/Malware Solutions

        What do people think that an Anti Virus program will stop Malware and Spyware? This is like thinking that Shadow Copy is a backup solution.

        You best defence it User Education. Now everyone can stop laughing. I didn't say it was feesible but it is the best defence. If Joe Dimwit didn't open every email he gets coz he thinks he has won 9 Zillion dollars or has been chosen for his honesty to smuggle several ton of gold from the Bank of Make Believe, then Malware and Spyware wouldn't be the problem it is.

        Unfortunately Joe and all his country cousins, many with University degrees, really need the cattle prod approach to Spam control. Failing this, Wullie has provided some excellent options. For the small business who can't afford these tools then you need to look at options like Malware Bytes, Ad-Aware (though no longer a choice of mine) and Spybot.

        If your business runs SharePoint, make it the Homepage and continually advertise remind/educate the L Users about the threat and danger that can cost them their Facebook and Myspace data.

        Also, educate your Management about the dangers and what it costs to clean up an infected network. Pretty coloured drawings in a language tey understand may free up the $$$ for the items that Wullie has mentioned.
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          Re: AV/Malware Solutions

          User education doesn't work either. Users are stupid and or don't care.

          Our solution is to strip all executables and other dangerous attachments from email and downloads.


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            Re: AV/Malware Solutions

            Originally posted by Garen View Post
            User education doesn't work either. Users are stupid and or don't care.

            Our solution is to strip all executables and other dangerous attachments from email and downloads.
            Sadly that's my experience for the most part too. At the very least as important (Probably more important) is a good email scanning suite that intercepts all the crap before it gets into your Mail server. Most also do anti-spam too which gives users that many fewer dodgy links to click.

            I'd also seriously contemplate locking down USB drive access through GPO. The number of computers I've seen in the last year infected by cheap USB keys bought from Hong Kong, China etc is terrifying.
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