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Only Domains Users can have access to logon

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  • Only Domains Users can have access to logon

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for a soloution, I wonder if I can get some help from here:

    we have 5 different sites with a centrlized DC, using Citrix platform..Domain controllers and citrix servers are in Data center...
    Now Site A have 5 stacked switches , users are using WYSe terminals to access citrix/domain servers...

    is there any thing I can do so only authenticated users can only have access to the network....

    I configured IAS, now switch is doing 802.1x port authentication (switch is configured yet) I dare if I mess up the configs.....

    can any one suggest some thing please...specially using the current devices infrastructure????

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    Re: Only Domains Users can have access to logon

    I'm not really sure on what you're trying to acheive here.

    You want to stop users from plugging unauthorised devices (like laptops) into a network port and gaining access to the ethernet ?

    Or you want to prevent non-domain users from logging on to the domain ?
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      Re: Only Domains Users can have access to logon

      Hi tehcame,

      Actually I want to do a port base authentication so an control who can connect to the network.

      I actually want to do this authentication on the basis of MAC addresses.

      My concern is, users are using WYSE terminals and in the network any one can plug the laptopn and get the IP from DHCP and can access the network..this is what I want to block actually. So only authenticated user will be able to log on.

      What can I do to in terms of configuration any idea?



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        Re: Only Domains Users can have access to logon

        NAP or NAC are probably the options you need to look at.
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          Re: Only Domains Users can have access to logon

          Thanks D,

          NAP I can't use becuase we don't have 2008 yet, for NAS will you advise some thing...

          Do I need to configure 250 clients with their IP addressess, if yes then users are getting IP from DHCP. it not making any sense at the moment for me...

          Could you explain a bit more....if I go for NAS and how does it works,,,,,