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My first SPF Record

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  • My first SPF Record

    Hi guys

    I am having an influx of spam which is basically the sender and from email addresses are the same, valid addresses of my domain.

    I just published a SPF record after reading Can someone on here tell me if I have done this right? I dont fully understand how to test it.

    The ONLY server that should be sending email out for this domain is mail2 MX record, but I included mail1 becuase that is a third party spam filter that I trust and I didnt want to overcomplicate it.

    The record is as follows: v=spf1 mx -all

    That should mean only the records in my MX can send email for my domain, any other domain will be rejected right?

    And is this all I have to do? Publish that TXT file in my DNS zone?

    Although, this only tells people receiving mail from me what the valid domains are right? Does this affect how my mail server (Exch 2003) handles this type of spam?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: My first SPF Record

    It looks right to me. Here's a set of tools you can use to test and verify your SPF record:

    Also, the SPF record for your domain has nothing to do with email coming in, so it's not going to help you with incoming spam.


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      Re: My first SPF Record

      Right, thought so (about incoming mail). I have enabled Sender ID Filtering so my client domain does SPF checks, we'll see how effective that is in the coming days.



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        Re: My first SPF Record

        Be careful. If you set the Sender ID filtering option to Delete or Reject you may lose legitimate email because not all companies have set up SPF records for their domains.


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          Re: My first SPF Record

          Yep, I have it on the default accept, but now its monitoring that at least the IM filter can see if it passes the SPF check.

          Thanks a bunch as always!


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            Re: My first SPF Record

            Glad to help, as always!