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Blocking social network sites with ISA server?

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  • Blocking social network sites with ISA server?

    I find that some of our employees spend way too much time on social networks, especially facebook!

    Is there a way to use ISA server to block access to some of these sites?

    Is it even possible to block access only to certain users in the AD?


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    Re: Blocking social network sites with ISA server?

    Firstly, as I always say in these cases, this is a behavioural issue rather than technical and if it is covered in your Acceptable Use policy then a warning should be issued by HR or Departmental Manager. I have seen cases before where IT have tried to block things and unless management get involved people assume IT are just being the "fun police" and will find ways around the blocks, such as anonymous proxy websites.

    For really good web filtering with ISA Server you need a third party add-on such as websense. You can however block sites by creating a URL Set containing the sites you want to block access to and adding this as an exception to your Internet Access Rule, which will work for all users. This is a bit clunky as you have to maintain the URL set manually, and also manually add all possible variations E.g. * and what ever other URLs they use.

    Alternatively you can create a deny rule to that URL Set and appply it only to certain users. This rule MUST be higher in the rule list than the internet access rule or it will never be matched.
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      Re: Blocking social network sites with ISA server?

      I've actually nothing to add....
      Remember you might be able to use this script to add to the url sets.
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