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  • Check Network Security...How

    Hi All,

    I been given a task to check my network's security. Question was some one walk in my office with a laptop and plug a cable into it and can hack or demage the network or steal data.?

    So here is the Breif scenario for my network is:

    secure wireless connection,
    Citrix Wyse terminals for all users
    Domain Controller Offcurse
    Cisco Switch with enable secure password
    no USB /plug n Playe device

    Now just to test I am thinkin if I plug a laptop within the network what would my actions be?

    any advice from any 1?
    any Idea?


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    Re: Check Network Security...How

    Strongly suggest that you hire a security consultant, since people on this forum won't have spent a few days looking at the intricate details of your setup. Plus if we give you bad advice, miss something out or you misinterpret something we say, you can't then take us to court after someone breaks into your system. Consultants have liability insurance.

    That said, I would suggest the following general points - with the emphasis very much on general:

    1) Disable, disconnect or remove unneeded network sockets
    2) Policy. Make it clear to everybody at the company that visitors etc must not connect equipment to the network. Perhaps provide a notice in meeting areas.
    3) Evaluate whether or not you actually need a wireless network. A "secure" wireless network is still less secure than a wired network as you lose physical control of the medium. At least with a wired network, I have to be in your building to connect to it.
    4) Usability. If your security restrictions make it harder for people to do their job, they will find ways to circumvent them. Back up what you do with policy, but don't just enforce policies for the sake of it. Maybe disabling USB storage would inconvenience people - perhaps your company has digital cameras that you need to be able to download images off.

    This is by no means a complete answer - this really isn't the sort of thing to be doing on the cheap.
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      Re: Check Network Security...How

      NAC/NAP might come to safe the day
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        Re: Check Network Security...How

        Thanks Guys,

        gforceindustries:- These Policies are already implemented and company had Audit....... every thing was ok but...

        Dumber: He suggest use NAC ...But...Implementing NAC in netowrk is no compulsory

        it is not critical issue as per Audit company and not critical. We can implement NAC or may not.

        But my problem is still there, Network is already secure task is to double check is it secure or not and

        how can I check. what would my actions beee

        Actions: I am bringing my personal Laptop and will try to get in the netowrk (Hacking ) See any success...

        Hope you guys understand now ..what I am after

        any Advise please???


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          Re: Check Network Security...How

          Originally posted by sami123
          Now just to test I am thinkin if I plug a laptop within the network what would my actions be?
          Sami, you are a new member so please don't take offence at the what I am going to post. What you are asking is for help in hacking a network of a company that we do not know that you really work for.

          Ask questions on auditing, blocking penetration attemps, hardening your network etc etc but please don't ask about hacking it. No help of that nature shall be given but if it is that member shall suffer the consequences and this thread deleted.
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            Re: Check Network Security...How

            Don't forget password security. Social engineering is the easiest and best way to gain access to any network.

            Having said that, if I saw some stranger on a laptop plugged into a port I'd kick their ass out of the building and call the cops!
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