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Block Bypass proxy website in ISA 2006

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  • Block Bypass proxy website in ISA 2006

    Hi All,

    I'm using MS ISA 2006 and currently I blocked some website for only office hours. But there is a user who can use "bypass proxy" website, so he still able to access the website I Blocked.

    I already add the "bypass proxy" website, but it seems still able to access.

    Can anyone help me how to block this website from MS ISA2006?

    Thank you.

    Wong Jowo

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    Re: Block Bypass proxy website in ISA 2006

    This is a clear case of trying a technical solution to block a behavioural issue, and IMO this should be referred straight to HR or a Department Head and the user issued at least a formal warning if they are violating IT policies. ISA logs will prove at the very least the PC(s) used and the times, if not usernames (Depends on client configuration, Web Proxy or SecureNAT) so the evidence will be there.

    Sadly, along with multiple WAN connections, black listing websites is the major weakness in ISA Server IMO and really requires a third-party add-on to do efficiently. The only real option in ISA that I've used with any success is to add a URL Set as an exception to the Internet Access rule and populate it with banned websites. This is inefficient though, and those proxy bypass websites are everywhere nowadays.
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