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Different between xp and 2k in windows network - Problem ??

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  • Different between xp and 2k in windows network - Problem ??

    Hi all
    thins is my first Q in this form so sorry for the newbe Q.
    as sys admin account in windows 2K AD network i was able to get inside any copmuter C$ and D$.
    but now with the XP that option is not avilable unless the share the driver .
    can it be changed ? do i need to be in 2003 to get that again ?


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    If you have local administrative rights on the XP machine you can do it. Make sure that the AD admin account is part of the local admin group on the workstation in question.

    If its not, add it. There are a few ways to do it, via GPO is one.

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      Thanks ! do i need to add GPO to server 2000

      or the server 200 GPO already include option to add the administrator group on local XP ?