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  • Home computer and remote access

    Hi, i'm new to this forum and hoping i'm asking my first question at the right location.

    My boss has ask me to come up with a way to allow home computers remote access to our network. is there any way in secure home computers with god knows what install on them against our network.

    I've been looking at an ssl appliance but do they protect against virus on user's computer?
    thanks for any help in advance!


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    Re: Home computer and remote access

    You have a plethora of options. If i were you though i would use a terminal server and allow the remote users to connect to that through a VPN or over the internet using SSL or directly to the box on 3389 (depending on you're security policy). Ideally you want remote users accessing one location on your LAN as logistically, administratively and from a security standpoint it makes more sense. If they must access their own machines Sonicwall do an SSL-VPN thats very robust. If your worried about vulnerabilities there's MS new NAP feature in Windows 2008 theres also Cisco NAC which can be deployed together with MS NAP. Have an idea of budget as that will give you a closer indication as to what is realistic or even feasable.


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      Re: Home computer and remote access

      To expand upon scurlarunting's mention of terminal services, you could implement a TS Gateway machine using Server 2008. this is a great way for allowing any machine behind a firewall to be access remotely and securely. It is not a VPN. If I recall correctly, you can lock down terminal serviecs policies so that no local devices are presented from the home users to the work PCs. You can create simple .rdp files that have the address of the TS Gateway machine prepopulated to users that need to access certain PCs. This kind of set up prevents home PCs from being on the network. The users are using the same PCs that they would use at work.
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