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  • Certificate installs

    Hey all,

    I need to be able to see which users have certain certificates installed on a 2003 Terminal Server.

    I can view the certificate store of a user and computer account level but i need to ensure that only the allowed users have them installed in their profile on the TS server.

    I have no desire to use the certificate just to see if its their and to remove it if they should not it have installed.

    I also did not create these certificates they are from a third party website.


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    Re: Certificate installs

    I'm not sure how you would do this, but while you wait for others to suggest something, perhaps you could let us know what you've already tried, so that it isn't suggested again.
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      Re: Certificate installs

      I am not sure either, though what i have tried is to view the certificates through the mmc snap-in console, where i can view the user store and computer store but these do not display the individually installed certifications for all users running on the terminal server.

      Perhaps there is a way to retrieve this info via the user's profile?



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        Re: Certificate installs

        2 ways I can think of to view the users certificates. One is to logon as each user and open the certificates MMC and check what's installed - very cumbersome.

        The other is to open the Certification Authority snap-in on the server and view a list of the issued certificates. The disadvantage to this is that you can't see where the users have the certificates installed, don't know if you need that or not though.
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