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isa 2006 and firewall client

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  • isa 2006 and firewall client

    we are using isa 2004 standred with its firewall is working fine, now we have installed isa 2006, and we want to use isa 2004 firewall client with isa 2006, can isa 2004 firewall client can work with isa 2006?
    2nd, there is also problem in configuring isa 2006 firewall client with isa 2006 server. What is correct procedure?but web client is working fine there.

    actually i m using isa 2004 and isa 2006 simultaneosly. when i try to test isa 2004, it is ok, when i try to test isa 2006, it failed and return isa 2004 server. Can we test/work 2 isa server in same time.

    Is there need any entry in isa 2006 for firewall client?
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