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customising forefront error pages

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  • customising forefront error pages

    Good morning folks...

    I've had a request to be a bit more verbose with our blockinglist for forefront.
    Currently, via configuration within Forefront itself, when a site is blocked, it tells you which rule blocks you ie,
    "This site blocked as a known ad engine"
    "This site blocked as porn"

    Which is all well and good enough.. but we'd like the 12232.htm page to actually tell the end-user what the blocked URL is, so we can potentially remove it from the block list.

    The page seems to use some sort of data to generate itself - it can tell you the server that generated the error, the error code, the date and time etc, but it doesn't have the destination in there.

    I'm working on the theory that it obviously generates this data internally somehow, maybe from the Log files in the database.. but when ilooked at the database, and the page code, the fields don't match up.

    So - any ideas on what I could put in the page code ?
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