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ISA 2006 redirect to a different ISA server

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  • ISA 2006 redirect to a different ISA server

    Background - We are using 1 ISA 2006 as a web proxy server for our users, It has a single NIC. Windows server 2003 domain.

    The problem we are having is for a particular application hosted on the WWW using flash, some parts of the application will not run. However i have another ISA which is currently in pilot stage in which the application will work correctly. I have been unable to identify why this is the case. (due to security requirements and the complexity of the network i am unable to bypass proxy completely, nor do i have time to implement a pac file) At the moment i suspect it may be due to the higher network load on the original server. I am very pressed for time so until i can work out what the cause it i would like to do the following if possible.

    when user enters in their web browsers the original ISA will forward/redirect to the new ISA which will handle the request. I only want to redirect traffic for the one domain name as too much traffic will kill my pilot server,

    any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Re: ISA 2006 redirect to a different ISA server

    I worked out what the problem was, the URL cache must have become corrupted. Once cleared the app starting working again.
    I am still interested in how to redirect URL though .......


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      Re: ISA 2006 redirect to a different ISA server

      You can configure Proxy Chaining in ISA which will send all queries from the back end proxy to the upstream proxy, I don't know if this is doable for specific URLs though.
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