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ISA 2006 not working.

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  • ISA 2006 not working.


    I also have almost the same scenario;

    Old Setup

    - ISP

    - Firewall

    - LAN

    New Required Setup

    - ISP

    - Firewall

    - ISA 2006

    - LAN

    As of now internet cable is connected to the firewall and then firewall to switch, presently i am using WinRoute Pro 4.2.5 to access internet.

    Now i have installed ISA 2006 but its not working. Can anyone help me to configure as per my new required setup?


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    Re: ISA 2006 not working.

    Post moved because you hijacked another thread. You didn't I also have almost the same scenario as the hijacked thread, it is totally different. You don't have ISA 2006 working or maybe configured correctly. Even if it was an IDENTICAL problem then you start your own thread and never hijack one. Thanks.

    Now, can you provide some technical information about your router, firewall, what is not working on ISA 2006 and we may be able to help you.

    Did you install ISA or have you inherited this from someone else?
    Have you enabled any Rules on ISA?
    Is the ISA machine a proper Server or a workstation?
    Does it have one network adapter or two?
    Are they both connected or do you just use one?
    Is it a physical or Virtual device?
    Anything else you can tell us about the setup so we can try and help you.

    The crappy thread title is mine so if you have a better one to describe your problem let us know and we can change it.
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      Re: ISA 2006 not working.

      What kind of firewall do you have at the moment and why is it still in the setup? ISA 2006 can do pretty much anything that any hardware firewall can do and a lot more besides, so unless there are business reasons for it being there I'd take it out.

      Can you give a better fault description than not working? The questions Biggles asked should cover most of it. How are the client PCs configured, do they use ISA as a proxy server?
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