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    i ve a park of 10 pc with os : windows xp pro
    a Netgear router and 1024 kbps for adsl
    but i suspect someone to use for ex a soft to download films or mp3 ...
    so the internet connection is low

    is there a tool whose give me the pc's adresse ip that download a lot??
    how can i find the pc whose take a lot the connection net?
    thank's a lot

    ps : excuse for my english , i'm a french

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    Before you start guessing that a user is at fault you should 'baseline' your connection speed.

    Remove the lan connection from your DSL router and connect a single workstation. Go to a few of the 'speed test' sites and test you speed. To get a good estimate you will need multiple tests.

    This will tell you if you connection to your ISP is slow or not. Then you can start looking at the LAN users for the problem.

    There may be a few 'shareware' tools for network utilization but the Netgear router will not have much. Try doing a search- sorry.

    Good Luck
    Pete C


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      Hi milo974,

      You can use the monitoring tool from Microsoft (SNMP) to analize the network traffic in your lan.
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