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  • Tracking cookies

    What are tracking cookies? My AVG picks them every day by the hundreds. Are they harmful? Can I prohibit them? Should I?

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    Re: Tracking cookies

    They are generally not harmful but that said, there is still the fact that a webste owner is given the ablity to leave a small file behind that can save settings relevent to that website.

    When your AVG detects the tracking cookies, see if you recognise the name of the site etc.

    Tracking Cookies will typically load in memory, when accessing the site, the tracking cookie is for. It will remember any personal customisations you made to the site and what you tend to search for, so it an can target what it shows you. This is some of the typical uses.

    You can restrict cookies via Internet Explorer. If you go to the Internet Properties Dialog Box, and then click the Privacy tab, you have various options there.

    I personally let AVG or AV remove what it detects, within reason.
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      Re: Tracking cookies

      Thank you for your advice.