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  • Ipcop

    Hi guys

    I was doing some testing of IPcop. I want to implement it at home for VPN and adnvance Qos capabilties.

    Last night, I ipcop in between my modem and my swtich and WAP. the thing is, i'm not getting any internet. I think it has something to do with the default gateway. previously, i was using (router IP) and now, the default gate is IPcop itself. I don't see anywhere in the web GUI, where i can modify it (if that is the problem)

    Another thing how can adjust the settings for the red interface. I can't do it from the web GUI. I used an ssh session to access the firewall, but I don't know what to do from there. I'm thinking also the red interface my be incorrectly setup.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    oh yea, Background info

    switch: simple 8 port switch from linksys
    wireless router 1 (for internet, wireless disbaled): seimens 6520
    wireless router 2 (used as a simple secured WAP): seimens gigset SE587 wireless router

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    Re: Ipcop

    Is your Internet connection using static IP or DHCP? Have you configured Ipcop red interface accordingly? Does your IPCop box have drivers for your NICs? Browse into the box and check the Network Status Interfaces dialog. SSH into the box and use dig / ping to check name resolving and network connectivity.

    Default gateway address of Ipcop box is not a problem, as all of your Internet traffic should go through Ipcop anyway.



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      Re: Ipcop

      Thanks for everything guys, i figured out what was wrong.

      Bascially, I was being lazy and left both the RED interface and the GREEN interface on the same subnet.

      What I did then was to use the ssh connection (I use putty- can be downloaded easily for those who don't know about it) at port 222. I used the setup command and changed the IP of the RED interface.

      so basically i had it at 192.168.254.x
      changed it to 192.168.0.x

      so now the green is 192.168.254.x
      and the RED is 192.168.0.x

      I obviously had to change the IP of the modem/router. Once I did that, they both could communicate with each other